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  The new build of IMS-Smart On-Line fully compatible with ISO/IEC 27001:2022 is now available

IMS-Smart (pronounced I’m smart) Limited is a provider of expert information security management system (ISMS) consultancy and software-as-a-service from people who helped to write the standards. All our ISMS have these six quality attributes:

  • Easy to demonstrate conformance — everything is just a click away
  • Understandable risk assessment results and treatment plans
  • Distinguish between controls performed by you and by other organisations
  • Actions recorded in a TDL and linked to the reports that generated them
  • Require people to acknowledge reading and understanding ISMS policy and other pages
  • Guarantee that every requirement in ISO/IEC 27001 has been fulfilled

The new edition of ISO/IEC 27001 was published in October 2022, ostensibly to align Annex A with the controls in the new edition of ISO/IEC 27002, published six months previously. The transition period is underway. An amendment was published this year for climate change. Our IMS-Smart On-Line SAAS solution to your ISMS needs and David Brewer’s books are updated, and we can assist you with transitioning to the new standard.

IMS-Smart Limited has its own ISO/IEC 27001:2022/Amd 1:2024 conformant ISMS.

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