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  “IMS-Smart is indeed a product of the 21st Century”, as an ISO/IEC 27001/ISO 9001 assessor said at the conclusion of an initial audit in 2008

Click the play button to load and play an introductory demonstration of IMS-Smart 0n-Line.

The video will show you the following features:

  How to register for an evaluation copy
  Logging on and off
  Page editing
  Using the wizards to register events, and associate them with C, I and A consequences and Annex A controls
  Using a wizard to preload a complete example of ISMS documented information
  Read about creating an ISMS project
  How to contact us


The video will take a short while to load and it is best to view it full screen.

For further information please contact

Other videos: This video, of an ealier build, shows how audit and other actions can be linked to the To-Do-List. It also shows risk treatment and the Statement of Applicability