Support through the first surveillance audit, where organisations often come unstuck
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  “IMS-Smart is indeed a product of the 21st Century”, as an ISO/IEC 27001/ISO 9001 assessor said at the conclusion of an initial audit in 2008

Phase D - support

Our objective in this phase is to support you throughout the period immediately following certification up to including the first surveillance audit (usually 6 months) to ensure that you are using your IMS in a beneficial manner. Typically, we will provide, either directly or through our franchisee:

  • General support, which is geared to answering any questions you might have
  • Assistance with internal IMS audits
  • Assistance with IMS effectiveness measurements
  • Assistance with further management system reviews
  • Support for your first surveillance audit.

Our aim in assisting you with your internal IMS audits is to instil further confidence in your Internal IMS Auditors. By way illustration, the project plan shows a group of such audits being performed about 10 weeks after the start of Phase D.

The measurement of effectiveness is an integral part of IMS-Smart. It is a new ISO requirement and not much is widely known about performing it. We will therefore assist you. By way of illustration, the project plan shows this task being performed about 14 weeks after the start of Phase D.

These measurements form an important topic for your next management review meeting. The franchisee will therefore assist you at that meeting, which will also consider the results of all the internal IMS audits performed by that date and the state of the To-Do-List. It would be appropriate to schedule the review about 3-4 weeks before the surveillance visit at the end of Phase D.

Finally, we will support at your first surveillance audit. This is effectively a shorter version of the initial audit, and has the objective of ensuring that use of the IMS has not declined since it was certified but instead is firmly on the pathway of continual improvement. This first surveillance visit is therefore important in the life of an IMS and its conclusion constitutes the final Project Milestone-M5 (IMS fully operational).