Preparing you and the ISMS, both technically and physiologically for certification
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  “IMS-Smart is indeed a product of the 21st Century”, as an ISO/IEC 27001/ISO 9001 assessor said at the conclusion of an initial audit in 2008

Phase B-IMS/client preparation

Our objective in this phase is to prepare the IMS and you, both technically and physiologically for certification.

In this phase the IMS-Implementer(s) will train your newly appointed internal IMS auditors. This is a one day course. It takes the form of a series of lectures/tutorials interspersed with exercises. On the following days, the IMS-Implementer(s) will assist the newly trained internal IMS auditors to conduct a desktop audit of the IMS and to conduct 2-3 implementation audits by way of on-the-job training.

The IMSF then meets with the auditors to discuss the audit results. The IMS-Implementer(s) will take this opportunity to provide the IMSF will further training in the role of the IMSF.

The IMS-Implementer(s) will conduct a half day training course/workshop with the objective of training the IMS Administrators on how to maintain the IMS documentation and records.

They will give the briefing(s) previously prepared in Phase A. Typically there will be one briefing for each standard that you have selected. It is appropriate for you to invite everyone within scope of the IMS and indeed anyone else within your organisation that you wish to invite.

The IMS-Implementer(s) will append an appropriate record of all of these training activities in the IMS

During this phase they will also assist you to complete those actions that you have placed on your To-Do-List that are due for completion prior to certification. In parallel with these activities, if you have selected ISO 22301 the IMS-Implementers will witness your testing/practice of your Business Continuity Plan. This activity creates a report, which together with the audit results, feeds into your first management system review meeting.

At this IMSF meeting, the lead IMS-Implementer will act as meeting secretary and moderator in order to provide further training to the IMSF members. The meeting is held in accordance with the documented management system review procedure. The minutes are formally recorded in the IMS. The meeting formally agrees the corrective actions and recommended improvements, and thus serves to demonstrate conformance with the "management commitment" requirements of various standards. The To-Do-List is updated accordingly.

At this stage the IMS is in fact ready for certification. Note that this is true irrespective of the content of the To-Do-List, although an assessor will expect realistic priorities to be associated with such actions and the actions themselves being actually carried out in accordance those priorities. It is usual for the franchisee to confirm this by inviting your chosen Certification Body to carry out a pre-certification audit. This audit is effectively a "dry-run" of the certification audits and is intended to give you experience of external auditing.

The audit marks the end of Phase B and constitutes a Project Milestone (M3-Ready for certification).