Key to our success is to help you bend the standard around your organisation
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  “IMS-Smart is indeed a product of the 21st Century”, as an ISO/IEC 27001/ISO 9001 assessor said at the conclusion of an initial audit in 2008

Phase A - IMS construction

Our objective in this phase is to create your IMS, by constructing your IMS documented information system using our IMS-Smart technology. Key to our success is to help you bend the standard around your organisation.

At the project initiation meeting we, or our franchisee’s lead IMS-Implementer will agree the dates for the various meetings (see insert bottom left), who will be involved from your side (see insert right), and agree the formal scope of your IMS. He/she will also take the opportunity to meet people and explain further our methodology and the standards with which you seek conformance. Soon after he/she will initiate the certification arrangements. The purpose of doing this early on in the project is simply because of the lead-time involved in making such arrangements.

The IMS-Implementer(s) will then carry out some fact finding, for example to acquaint themselves with your organisation, and the way you carry out your business. If you have chosen the ISO 9001 and or/ ISO 22301 options, this will involve understanding your product lifecycles and customer facing processes. In the case of ISO 22301 they will review your Business Impact Analysis, or carry out one for you to determine what your critical business processes are and to what extent could you tolerate their disruption before your overall business suffers significantly. In the case of ISO/IEC 27001 they will determine how you deal with information security. Our objective in this task is to determine what you do now and to begin, through interaction with you, whether there is scope for improvement. If there is, the IMS-Implementer(s) will document it in the To-Do-List, which is a formal IMS record. It is generally unnecessary to complete such improvements before certification, and these are usually deferred until Phase D.

Having completed their fact finding activities the IMS-Implemeter(s) will construct the IMS. They do this by completing the IMS-Smart technology hypertext pages for you (see insert bottom).

In this phase, they will also prepare one or more awareness seminars to give to your staff in Phase B. Typically, each one is dedicated to a particular standard.

Finally, in this phase, the IMS Forum (that is your senior management team that owns the IMS) must review the IMS documentation to ensure that it is a faithful representation of your current business practices. This is of vital importance, as if the IMS describes anything else, discovery of such discrepancies will lead to the award of a non-conformity in the certification audits.

The IMS-Implementer(s) will record the outcome of the review and the approval (following any rework) as a formal IMS record. The conclusion of this activity marks the end of Phase A and marks Project Milestone M2-IMS approval.

The IMS must then be published on your intranet.